Save the Munnies is a retrofuturistic interstellar racing, puzzle-solving, adventure game in development for the PC.



What would have happened if, in July 1969 when we first landed on the moon, we found life- and not just any life, but adorable moon bunnies? Well, we'd call them munnies of course! The world would fall in love with them and the future of space travel would be forever changed — Especially for you when on a forward contamination cleanup mission on the moon, you discover that they have unexpectedly come under attack by a mysterious evil and it's up to you to save them!


Race against the clock as you travel through unique and challenging levels across 12 planets throughout the galaxy to fight the evil threat and save the munnies! On your adventure you'll face creative puzzles, difficult battles with otherworldly enemies, and fun objectives to make you rethink your strategies.


Built in Unreal Engine 4 using only the Blueprints visual programming language. The world-building and theming systems have been fully architected in-house to allow for unlimited world visual characteristics.


Currently targeted for release on PC, to be distributed through Steam and this could grow.

History of this Project

Development began in November 2014. It started as a simple prototype, and slowly, but exponentially grew into the vast game that it is today.

Take my money!

We LOVE that enthusiasm, but we aren't quite ready for purchases just yet! As a single person development team, this project is done on the side with the time I can squeeze in outside of work and life. I can't estimate when it will be finished yet, but it's moving the right direction. If you'd like to stay updated when content is released, you can follow @RaincloudGames on Twitter! And don't worry, I only post important content, so you won't be spammed with updates.

The Team

Tom Carroll - Game design | Programming | Art | Audio - This is a passion project of mine.