A physics-based game about falling through the absence of reality, and trying to hold on to sanity long enough to unlock the story of a life leading up to psychosis.


Control your ragdoll's fall, trying to touch objects to help realize that this isn't real- it's all in your head and keep yourself from falling into insanity and dying.

You face the many treatments doctors throw at clinically insane patients from the outside such as lobotomies, insulin comas, electro-convulsive shock therapy, antipsychotics and even brain surgery. All of the treatments affect what's going on in your mind for better or for worse.

Try to to stay alive long enough to unlock the story of your tortured past.

History of this Project

This game was developed first thing out of college as a test to myself of building a complete game project in Unity3D 4. I spent around a year on it from start-to-finish, and showcased it at the first MineCon Conference in Las Vegas in 2011. It released in February of 2012 for iOS.

It served as a very valuable learning experience which provided the motivation for future works. Sadly, due to cost and maintainance, after two years on the market, we have since removed it from the app store.

I've released a direct port of it to PC for historical reasons, and to keep it available for anyone who wants to play it. I think this game was a fantastic learning experience, and a relative success given my original goals that I set out to accomplish. The PC port is available at the download link on this page in its original form. I have no plans to revisit this project to improve the user interface, functionality, or fix any lingering bugs. I'm releasing it so that you can enjoy my first voyage into game development.

The Team

Tom Carroll - Game Design and Development

Trevor Lukanen - Music and Sound Effects Design

Mike Braaten - QA Tester

Joe Blashack - QA Tester

Wes Isaacson - QA Tester